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    This is, Far Rockaway - Mott Avenue. Connection is available to the Long Island Rail Road.

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    Plays: 6206
    Deaths: 4204
    Goals: 458

    Total Waffles Earned: 0

    Levels Beaten: 60
    Levels Created: 20
    Levels Uploaded: 1

    Level Plays By Others: 343
    Level Deaths By Others: 66
    Level Goals By Others: 95

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How To Upload

You must create a user account and log in to upload levels. You're a guest, but you're free to play around with this level builder. The level you're editing is saved to your IP address.

Once you click upload, you then have to beat your level to upload it to the level browser.

How To Upload

First, save the level so it can reload and get level data. Then you may click the Upload button to start trying to upload the level.

How To Play

WASD for direction. W to Look Up, A to Move Left, S to Duck, D to Move Right. Hold J to start Running. Press K to Jump. Press L to do a Spin Jump. Press ; or Spacebar to Attack with a held Weapon.

Controller Support

Tested and works on Google Chrome. Use D-Pad for direction. Hold Y or X to run. Press B to Jump, A or a bumper to Spin Jump, Trigger (ZR or ZL) to attack with a held Weapon. Press Start to Pause.

Music Volume

Sound Effects Volume

Keyboard Bindings

Click the binding you want to change, then type any key.

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UpType Any Key
RightType Any Key
DownType Any Key
LeftType Any Key
RunType Any Key
JumpType Any Key
Special (Spin)Type Any Key
AttackType Any Key
UtilityType Any Key
PauseType Any Key
Restart LevelType Any Key
Edit LevelType Any Key