see #bug-reports

Uploaded Dec 3rd at 6:15pm
Plays: 148 · Finishes: 51
34.46% Completion Rate
First Clear: musicman
World Record: 00:05.041 by DuckRocky

wow spark's code is amazing and completely free of bugs

Uploaded Nov 24th at 1:22pm
Plays: 203 · Finishes: 18
8.87% Completion Rate
First Clear: DuckRocky
World Record: 00:04.633 by grumpman

uhh the swimming pool also has spikes in or something but that's not important

Uploaded Nov 18th at 3:45pm
Plays: 806 · Finishes: 130
16.13% Completion Rate
First Clear: DuckRocky
World Record: 00:17.899 by grumpman

you need to be nyoom speedy speedy to beat this level

Uploaded Nov 12th at 11:57am
Plays: 533 · Finishes: 21
3.94% Completion Rate
First Clear: DuckRocky
World Record: 00:21.161 by DuckRocky

Is it really honey? Honey is not that colour, honey is much more orange. You know what I think it is? Piss.

Uploaded Oct 8th at 6:52am
Plays: 508 · Finishes: 17
3.35% Completion Rate
First Clear: spark
World Record: 00:22.515 by grumpman

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How To Upload

First, save the level so it can reload and get level data. Then you may click the Upload button to start trying to upload the level.

How To Play

WASD for direction. W to Look Up, A to Move Left, S to Duck, D to Move Right. Hold J to start Running. Press K to Jump. Press L to do a Spin Jump. Press ; or Spacebar to Attack with a held Weapon.

Controller Support

Tested and works on Google Chrome. Use D-Pad for direction. Hold Y or X to run. Press B to Jump, A or a bumper to Spin Jump, Trigger (ZR or ZL) to attack with a held Weapon. Press Start to Pause.

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