A Bug with the key blocks that makes it where you have to jump after unlocking the key block to go through(im sure this is just an oversight because they are not meant to be used like this)

Uploaded Nov 22nd at 9:27am
Plays: 119 · Finishes: 43
36.13% Completion Rate
First Clear: spark
World Record: 00:02.597 by DuckRocky

idk if it's just me but i can't go right in wrapping, making a One-Way effectively

Uploaded Nov 19th at 4:12pm
Plays: 316 · Finishes: 97
30.70% Completion Rate
First Clear: DuckRocky
World Record: 00:02.305 by DuckRocky

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First, save the level so it can reload and get level data. Then you may click the Upload button to start trying to upload the level.

How To Play

WASD for direction. W to Look Up, A to Move Left, S to Duck, D to Move Right. Hold J to start Running. Press K to Jump. Press L to do a Spin Jump. Press ; or Spacebar to Attack with a held Weapon.

Controller Support

Tested and works on Google Chrome. Use D-Pad for direction. Hold Y or X to run. Press B to Jump, A or a bumper to Spin Jump, Trigger (ZR or ZL) to attack with a held Weapon. Press Start to Pause.

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