How to cling to the ceiling, spin, and carry an item at the same time. Overlay any block with a liquid and spin jump into it. Hold spin. Also works above a block. You can hold jump to auto jump.

Uploaded Oct 15th at 10:14pm
Plays: 514 · Finishes: 67
13.04% Completion Rate
First Clear: grumpman
World Record: 00:01.923 by spark

See if you can do the tar headlock! To perform one, move, and without letting go of the arrow key you are pressing, press and hold down. Now you should be sliding, even if you turn around. Just keep crouching. Now, to get in a headlock, do the crouch glit

Uploaded Oct 15th at 9:44pm
Plays: 536 · Finishes: 159
29.66% Completion Rate
First Clear: grumpman
World Record: 00:03.866 by grumpman

Aw gosh! Pollution and global warming have built such a nasty sewer. You have been hired to find a key in the sewer due to somebody dropping it down by accident into a drain! They told you it was round and blue. Fortunately, You know where it could be. It

Uploaded Oct 13th at 11:41pm
Plays: 451 · Finishes: 27
5.99% Completion Rate
First Clear: grumpman
World Record: 00:15.066 by grumpman

We made the ideas from the server: Area that enemies can't pass & area that player can't pass, into reality!

Uploaded Oct 12th at 11:40pm
Plays: 556 · Finishes: 175
31.47% Completion Rate
First Clear: spark
World Record: 00:03.249 by grumpman

You need some love and motivation, but EVERYTHING is hurting you. Collect some hope before you are completely beat down on life.

Uploaded Oct 12th at 10:51pm
Plays: 541 · Finishes: 46
8.50% Completion Rate
First Clear: spark
World Record: 00:13.566 by grumpman

This level is supposed to be played with this here addon in the console. ( If you don't have the code activated, you are missing out! If active, go right. If not, go left. To super jump, crouch a bit then jump!

Uploaded Jul 10th at 12:35am
Plays: 306 · Finishes: 86
28.10% Completion Rate
First Clear: TheChosenOne
World Record: 00:02.849 by grumpman

Paste the code into the console to change the vine animations to mine

Uploaded Jul 8th at 7:55pm
Plays: 187 · Finishes: 19
10.16% Completion Rate
First Clear: spark
World Record: 00:06.582 by grumpman

Had to use the console a little bit to make this. This level contains some new block types and has some style.

Uploaded Jul 8th at 4:32pm
Plays: 410 · Finishes: 32
7.80% Completion Rate
First Clear: spark
World Record: 00:06.347 by DuckRocky

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Controller Support

Tested and works on Google Chrome. Use D-Pad for direction. Hold Y or X to run. Press B to Jump, A or a bumper to Spin Jump, Trigger (ZR or ZL) to attack with a held Weapon. Press Start to Pause.

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